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  FTP account configuration
Description & Requirements:

FTP or file Transfer Protocol is the method used to transfer your HTML and other files for your website from a client PC to your webserver, files should be placed in the \HTDOCS folder

Do not use your web server for serving files of inappropriate, offensive or illegal content . Served content remains your responsibility.

There are three parameters to configure (they may be referred to by different terms depending on which program you use):

  1. FTP Host Name or Host Address ie: or use IP address:
  2. Note: if DNS has not propagated you will only be able to use the IP address of
  3. FTP User name, ie: user name as for this example
  4. FTP Password, username & password are provided in your confirmation email
Structure of webserver:


Place your index.asp and other web site files in \htdocs create folders as required.

\HTDOCS\CGi-Bin A subdirectory is for CGi scripts, the path to Perl 5 is the default: #!/usr/bin/perl
\LOGFILES server logs are written here in W3SC format
\PRIVATE This is not available to Internet Explorer - place your private.txt password text file if domain security is enabled.

Please do not locate files in any other area as it may cause a problem with the web server

Log on to webserver

Right click My Computer, select Explore

In the Address bar type the URL you wish to FTP to ie or

When prompted, enter the user name & password (we advise not to save passwords) see below

account connection


Once logged on

Directory structure of your domain - (please substitute for your domain name) it is important this directory structure is not changed or deleted!

Double click the \htdocs folder - this is the location to transfer your web site files to, just drag & drop,

Upload times will depend on your connection speed & size of files


  • Anonymous logins are not permitted for obvious reasons
  • The home page must be named index.html, index.htm, index.asp or index.shtm
  • We reserve the right to remove or suspend domains hosting inappropriate, illegal or offensive content or files not associated with your web site