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Flexible Broadband Services from Eclipse Internet - ISPA awarded: Best business broadband provider 2003
  Domain Control Panel
Description: The domain control panel is a powerful feature providing complete control to manage your domain from anywhere using Internet Explorer or FireFox web browser:
  • Email POP3 mailbox accounts and passwords
  • Email forwarding to another POP account
  • Email autoresponders - create automatic response, then forward if required
  • Email administration - delete, empty your mailbox(s), restrict e-mail size as required
  • FTP passwords
  • Create and manage datasource names - DSNs

Optional items which are defendant on additional installed features

  • Manage SQL server database
  • View and configure Matrix statistics our fully featured online analysis tool


Logging on:

The login page will appear as below

  • You can only reset your password if you have provided us the challenge / response
  • If you have a control panel installed then a username and password will have been issued

If administering your domain from a public place, please ensure that you log-off!

  Please contact us for further details